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Because Energy Is Everything


Life Coach

Energy Protection Specialist & Bodywork Therapist 


For years, like so many are today, I struggled.

I had my mental and physical health (mostly),

but I didn’t feel good. Sometimes I felt really bad

for no reason. I wasn’t sick or particularly tired.

I just felt awful.

I’d grown up an athlete. A tomboy full of energy.

I guess I had ADHD before it was even a thing.

So why did I feel so bad?

I began to notice these problems in my teens.

What the hell was going on?

So, I went searching for answers.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the things I tried.

If you’ve landed here then…

You’ll probably recognize some of them;

  • explored spiritual philosophies (still do)
  • attended countless religious services
  • went to support groups of all kinds
  • studied 12 step programs (no more)
  • spent years practicing meditation (still do)
  • performed yoga (still do)
  • experimented with diets (still do)
  • tried holistic remedies (became a practitioner)
  • took natural supplements (still do)
  • spent years in psychotherapy (never again)
  • read many self-help books (no more)
  • I watched Oprah a lot (uhm… Noprah)
  • took medical tests – came back in ‘normal ranges’

This continued until my 30s.


I found the help I needed.

Discover How Psychic Intuitive + Strategy Based  (Hybrid) Life Coaching Can Transform Your Life….

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Before I found my life coach and psychic spiritualist healer,  I’d found myself in my early 30s feeling hollow, empty and exhausted.

To top it off I had developed an even greater sense of self loathing than ever before.

Yikes! I was a mess.

I had grown and matured, but at the same time I felt stupid, useless and completely powerless.

There HAD to be a better way of  living life…

I knew there was something very, very wrong and this time… it was NOT my fault.

This is where YOU come in…

If my story resonates with you then I may be the person to help you…

My psychic spiritualist healer and coach was extraordinary.

However, I had to do my part.

We would often meet at her shop or talk on the phone. She gave me suggestions to heal and strengthen my energy.

I did it.  Almost without fail.

It was very difficult, but I did come through it…

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Today, after 20+ years of working with a life coach and

psychic spiritualist healer, healing myself and helping others

along their way, I’ve crafted my hybrid coaching sessions

to meet the demands of our fast changing modern life.


The first part of my sessions are talk therapy and life strategy development.

The second part is my eclectic brand of  protection/LHP energy work.

I’ve found the combination of talk therapy, analysis, an actionable strategy and intense energy work is the FASTEST way to transform your life.

This means that you should see a BIG change within 3 – 4 months of working with me regularly…

  Which is about once a week or so.

For a full life transformation it may take 6 months to a year.

Unlike conventional therapies, I don’t think  your healing should take years of continuous treatment.

It’s your life. It’s time you lived it to the fullest.

The sooner you get in that groove the better.

So, if you’re ready to jump in… let’s take the next step together!

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The first part of our face to face or virtual sessions will be the life coaching.

This is a natural extension of the 20+ years of energy, bodywork and talk therapy I’ve done with my clients.

I’ll help develop a plan and map a strategy to tackle whatever it is you’re facing.

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The second part of our session will be the reiki/protection/LHP energy healing work.

You will lay down on a comfortable table with shoes off and clothes on.

I perform gentle ‘hands on’ healing work. Nothing invasive.

If it’s the virtual session I will perform the energy work after our call.

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I’m a CMT, energy  protection specialist somatic therapist.

I practiced for many years as a massage therapist.

Now, I prefer to offer my hybrid (life + energy) coaching instead.

Our new world demands a multi-faceted approach to betterment.

I’ve crafted my hybrid coaching sessions to help you improve your life FAST.

Renee would love to hear from you!

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