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The Virtual Psychic Intuitive Hybrid Life Coaching Session is a combination (A Hybrid) of one coaching phone or zoom call and one energy healing session.

 The talk therapy & wellness strategy are discussed over the phone.

The energy session is done after the call ends.  

Follow up is done through email.

Renee will send you a report of the session with intuition and actionable strategies for moving forward. 

*The energy session is very powerful.
Please see the Distance Energy Healing description below for more info.*

Single session – $150

Approx. 45-60 min. of coaching on the phone


Approx. 60 min. energy session

With email follow up.


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distance healing energy, life coaching, psychic advice, reiki, life coaching, hybrid coaching

This is for just ONE session of Distance Energy Healing & PROTECTION.

It’s intended to address a client’s entire energy system and keep their life force strong and intact.

This includes:

  • repairing any damage and strengthening the aura
  • clearing and balancing the major chakras
  • clearing and protecting the subconscious mind
  • removing any curses, hexes or dark cords
  • clearing and protecting the client’s timeline and karmic history
  • the removal and closure of portals and other nefarious blockages

Renee uses her eclectic brand of energy work which includes the LHP,  requests of guardians, archangels and Divine guidance and protection.

A thorough report of intuitive information is included along with follow up via email. 

One Energy Healing & Protection Session $100

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