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“Wow! I’m amazed at the information Renee gave me. She hit the nail on the head and offered advice to help me deal with my son and his wife in a much better way. I’m thinking more clearly too. No more scrambled egg thoughts!”

Leslie – Idaho





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“I have been struggling with so much sudden change in my life that I took the next step to get help. I am so fortunate that I found this life coach as Renee has touched the very root of my inner conflict.

Not only does she listen to me but has the wisdom to know when I am fooling myself and not facing my fears that drag me down.

Her words and guidance have made such a difference in my life giving me a real road map to follow. After doing 3 sessions with her she has taught me relationships are real and that being true to oneself makes the difference to being true to all others.

One day at a time and tomorrow will take care of itself – Thank  you.”

Alan – Florida



healing sessions, hybrid coaching, energy sessions

“This lady really knows how to connect to someone and provides excellent guidance and encouragement in many different areas of life. Renee truly cares about her clients and always gives sincere advice. I recommend her to anyone looking for help in relationships and job direction.”

 Jay – New York




psychic advice now, healing sessions, hybrid coaching, energy sessions, intuitive life coaching

“One of the best and most relaxing sessions that I’ve ever had. I felt at peace and that’s saying a lot with everything that’s going on. I would highly recommend Renee to anyone who’s looking for an escape and rejuvenation.”

Tom – New Jersey





Discover more about Renee’s “hybrid coaching”.  Part practical advice, part energetic healing and part intuitive guidance.

The outcome greater clarity about what the real issue is, practical advice